On the morning of November 16, 1988, forty interested members of the first graduating class of the North Carolina Public Manager Program with the designation Certified Public Manager met with Mrs. Bobbie Ann Clark, CPM from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and President of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers.  The meeting was held at the Personnel Development Center, 101 W. Peace Street, Raleigh, North Carolina.  Mrs. Clark presented information about the American Academy of Certified Public Managers and encouraged North Carolina CPMs to form a state society prior to the first American Academy Educational Conference and House of Delegates meeting being held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in February of 1989.  Early formation of the society would enable the new state society to be considered a “Charter State” of the Academy.

Following graduation on the afternoon of November 16th, a CPM Steering Committee formed to write a constitution and the by-laws for the North Carolina Society.  On January 20, 1989, thirty-three Certified Public Managers officially organized the North Carolina Society of Certified Public Managers in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Department of the Secretary of State issued the Articles of Incorporation on January 31, 1989.  At this time, the first officers and board of directors were elected by the Membership.  Margaret J. Bailey was elected the first President of the NCSCPM.  In February 1989 the Society received charter membership in the American Academy of Certified Public Managers at the House of Delegates meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Attending the House of Delegates meeting as representatives from North Carolina were Margaret Bailey, Bill Clements, and Ed Phillips.  Also in attendance at the conference and House of Delegates meeting were Susan Anderson and Doris Canada.


Shortly after the Society was formed, the first Board of Directors authorized the development of a Society logo that would promote and identify the Society as a professional management organization.  After considerable discussion concerning the desire to use the outline of the State in the logo, a member suggested that a stylized pinecone be also considered since it was somewhat synonymous with North Carolina, the Old North State.

The State Society contracted with Ms. Lisa Sowers, an artist-illustrator, to develop a logo using these ideas.  To the Board’s pleasure at its next monthly meeting, Ms. Sowers presented the distinctive artwork showing a pinecone with the tips being the outline of the State.  This design was unanimously accepted by the Board and became the basis for both the Society’s letterhead and lapel pin.

The design of the Society’s logo was registered with the United States Copyright Office on April 15, 1991, under registration number VAU 205-332.

Production of the lapel pin was a project very aptly handled by Bill Clements, who was also instrumental in developing the Society’s policy of selling the pin only to Certified Public Managers in the North Carolina Society.

Host of 1991 American Academy Meeting

A Host Committee, chaired by Margaret Bailey, was formed and included the following sub-committee chairs:  Ronnie Condrey, exhibits; Helen Dowdy, hotel and accommodations; Tish Hagler, registration; Ed Phillips, entertainment; and Haywood Poole, transportation.

One hundred and eight Certified Public Managers from across the Nation attended the 3rd Annual American Academy Educational Conference and Annual Meeting held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Raleigh, N.C.  The conference and meeting were a great success, setting the standard for hospitality within the Academy and adding approximately $2,000 to the Academy’s treasury.

Leadership within the American Academy

Since its beginning, the North Carolina Society of Certified Public Managers has played a very active role in the affairs of the American Academy.  Margaret Bailey was elected President-Elect in 1990 and served as the Academy’s third president in 1991-92, Ed Burt served two terms as Treasurer from 1992-94 and a third term in 2002-2003.  Haywood Poole served as an at-large board member in 2002-2003.  Tish Hagler served as Secretary for two terms, from 1994-96.

The North Carolina Society was very instrumental in developing the American Academy’s logo from a design created by Ed Phillips and Lee Davis, sign shop supervisor at UNC-CH Physical Plant, and utilized at the 3rd Annual Meeting in Raleigh.  Dennis Perry, a graphic designer in Raleigh, created the current American Academy logo that was approved by the AACPM Board of Directors while Margaret Bailey was President of the Academy.

At the March 29, 1990 House of Delegates meeting held in Princeton, New Jersey, Haywood Poole, the second president of the NC Society, presented a letter to the Academy offering to host the 3rd Annual Symposium of the Academy in April 1991, in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The offer was accepted unanimously.

At the September 2009 House of Delegates meeting held in Orlando, Florida, Linda Jefferson was sworn in as AACPM Member-At-Large for Member Affairs.

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